What’s Going on.

On this page I will attempt to keep things light, up to date and visual.

I will post pictures as I am about town, maybe the odd witty comment will accompany.

July 15th: Little Rabbit Foo Foo scooped up all the bad faries and bopped them on the head

July 10th: getting my pre war Britain on. Mary Poppins

July 5th: I love Harvester hear me roar

May 11th: revision driving me slowly up the wall so i treated myself to a pamper sesh. Nails are looking fierce.

May 4th: lunch times are such a party now summer has arrived

13th April: Spent the afternoon doing a jigsaw with my nans face on it.

13th March: new pope announced. But he reminds me of someone I knew as a child

1st March: happy March everyone, normally the school announcements inform of early finishes and where choir will be held, I’m not really sure what the intention of this week was.

21st February: went to Mad hatters afternoon tea at the Sanderson toady, it was so tasty 🙂

5th February: good religious morning in the convent, cheeky bit of gambling.

31st January: today I sat on the floor so Elena sat on me. Then the table ate her. I question where my life has ended up sometimes.


30th January: attempting to teach Phoebs some co-ordinate geometry. Her thoughts “I just don’t care”

29th January: Anyone else think the economist is getting bit risqué. The Margaret Thatcher reference makes it for me.

28th January: Me and Elena came up with a new game. It’s called folder wars. You lie on the desk with a folder in front of you like a fort and try to get picture of eachother. I’m not that great.

27th January: this gave me so much amusement. Church newsletter has banter


One thought on “What’s Going on.

  1. So im going to go on my 4th date Wednesday tomorrow with this girl i like a lot. Im an overthinker so i assume a ton of crap. I dont want to make this long so to make it as short as possible, everytime we have gone out uts gotten much better. Once every week we have gone out. So by the time we date it will have been 8 days. Through texting she seems bland. At first she used to go back n forth with me vut i assume since were seeing each other she died it down a few notches, a text every 45min to an hour it seems. Sometimes she can be busy. Often times i wonder if maybe this is how she is and she just lets loose in person which seems to be the case. Long story short so after brief messages throughout the day and not a whole lot just enough to make some conversation. Ill highlight one text that rung a bell to me and its making me assume a foreshadowing of event that might happen ..so i said “well goodnight, sleep tight sbd don’t let the oreo cookies bite..if you wanna keep texting we can”..this was at 1:12@m she proceeds with the final text at 1:14@m “no. I dont feel to good “….i never told her but it got me thinking……

    P.S: ill keep you updated because by the time you read this more then likely a few days will have passed. Thanks.

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