Dfn: Is the theory or conceptual idea that if an individual is wearing a bow in their hair they cannot be in a bad mood.

Creator: Catty Clare O’Connor

Date of Creation: September 2012

Any of you who follow me on twitter, or in life (by which I mean we know each other, not that you follow me down the street) will no doubt have heard me referring to Bow Theory at one point or another. However, although I like to think so I appreciate that Bow theory probably isn’t the household phrase I consider it to be. So this post is part of my efforts to make it so. I do acknowledge that my post to less than 20 followers, probably won’t make Bow theory a global phenomenon, it will clear up matters for several of my family members who consider me to be less than stable, thinking I believe my bows to have magical powers. I will begin by stating that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this theory, however I do maintain that there is some truth to it. I also feel that this belief may be spreading. Bow Theory began at the start of the school year, just turning 17 it was of course time for me to leave my mark on the world and it transpired that my mark would be bow-shaped. Although I did not set out to begin a new way of life, I like to think that that is what I’ve done. While I wouldn’t claim to have any influence in the world of fashion, I would just like to acknowledge that I began wearing bows in September 2012 and by January 2013 bows flooded that catwalk of London fashion week. I’m just saying.

I understand that it maybe seen as silly and juvenile to place importance and value to a hair accessory, but I can honestly say that it helps. When I am trekking to the bus stop at 7am in for a long day of geography and maths it gives me great satisfaction to think of the bow on my head bobbing along behind me. It is the little things in life that help get us  through the day. And thus Bow Theory was born.


I began to spread my ideals throughout my everyday life, I even mentioned Bow theory  in my speech for Head Girl (Probably a significant reason that I lost the election; people thought I was a nutter.) My twitter was covered in tweets about #Bowtheory and In my group of friends we even invented a campaign about my running for Bowpe (Leader of the Bow people). I then began to think about really spreading. Bow theory, to make it something more people could enjoy and feel a part of. This is when I started to make my own bows. The pattern was simple enough to come up with and I have a million and twelve different fabrics in my room as a result of both my grandmothers adversity to throwing things away.

So I began to sell Bows to my friends at school, I sell them for just a pound and give all the profits to charity. A lot of people have asked me why I don’tcharge more or keep the money for myself, my response is that if I needed the money for anything I probably would keep it, but I don’t really, I’m not saving for anything and I have nowhere to go so I would rather it went to a really worth while cause (HCPT) where I know it may make a difference. As for why I don’t charge more; any money to charity makes a difference, I am making these bows not to become rich but to spread bow theory, something I  think can really make an impact on a persons day.

I don’t have any unrealistic expectations for #bowtheory , it will never be a trending topic, or even spread further than my circle of friends, but I like to think of it as a way of giving back a little. It gives me something to do and for a good cause, it is my way of spreading a little bit of happiness.