I have a couple of thoughts on the recent incident to dominate cyber space. For those of you that haven’t heard about what happened, A girl from Slane was recently caught on camera at the Eminem concert 3 times with 2 different guys in rather compromising positions. I’m not going to post the picture because if you really need to see it, you can find it easy enough and that’s not the purpose of this post. I’m not spreading the rumours because they’re already out there, I am simply voicing an opinion.

1) To those of you tweeting “Give #SlaneGirl a break ect….” are you dumb? If you are trying to let the story die down don’t add to the trending! Every tweet counts. By tweeting your hate of it trending, you are only helping it to trend. I know, lets just take a minute and let the irony wash over you. I’m sure you’re all upstanding people with the best of intentions. But by being these great citizens you’re only allowing the story to live on.

2) Don’t start spouting off about how she is only 16 so its our fault. If she is old enough to go out and do stupid stuff then she is old enough to get caught and deal with the consequences. I appreciate that her consequences are a lot more severe than others who have done stupid things but that’s life. Life’s unfair.

3) Her being drunk is not an excuse. I’m sorry, but I am very much of the opinion that you are just as responsible for your drunk actions as you are for your sober ones. If not more so, she made the decision to drink (even though as her supporters keep saying she “IS ONLY 16”) so she is responsible for her poor choices when she does so.

4) Shut up with your “this is what’s wrong with today’s generation” bullying existed way before the internet and yes its on a wider scale now and if your on the receiving end of it that’s harsh. But you’ve gotta take the good and the bad. Now if someone can sing and records a video in their bedroom its heard by a million people. We have thousands of people who have found fame over the internet. Internet fame has given us Jessie J, Alex Day, Jenna Marbles, that weird girl who ate a tampon in the name of JB. Yeah it sucks if you’re the person trending for a negative action but at the same time look at all the amazing opportunities the internet has given “our generation”.

5) There is a lot of animosity behind the fact that #slaneboy isn’t trending. I admit that its unfair and sexist and all that melarchy. But why are you surprised? There have always been different rules and regulations for guys and that’s just the way it is. The same way we still expect guys to pay on dates and we get doors opened for us in corridors. No it’s not fair but that’s the way it goes. Also I think part of it’s the fact that it was two guys, that’s not great.

6) Little Smile to all of you using Eminem lyrics in your tweets about her. I appreciate the creativity involved. It’s nice that even in perverted situations of young girls making mistakes that get caught on camera and end up going viral online, we can have fun with puns.

7) You aren’t perfect. I agree with freedom of speech and while I personally don’t see it as right you can say what you want about her on twitter. But just think back at your life, I am willing to bet there are moments you aren’t proud of (maybe not as bad, but still not great) that maybe wouldn’t look great if caught on camera. This will probably all die down on the web by next week, but this girl won’t forget it.

So my final thoughts on the issue. What she did was stupid and gross, she is responsible for her actions and has probably learnt her lesson ten times over. But youse on the internet are also responsible for your actions. And if you’re trying to help her, the best thing to do is shut up about it as soon as it leaves the trending topics  it’s forgotten, so don’t prolong things.


Honesty Hour

I don’t know if this is just emotional ranting or if I am about to say something truly profound (although it mostly likely will not be the latter) But I feel the need to get some stuff off my chest.

I find life so extremely difficult. I know this is true for most people and many are of the opinion that if life were easy then it would be boring, but I find it boring anyway. I find it difficult to show enthusiasm, interest or sincerity in my everyday life and am nearly of the attitude of just not caring. Everybody feels this way at times and the sexist among you will be diagnosing me with extreme PMS. But this isn’t a once in a while occurrence; I feel this way constantly; everyday of my life, every hour every minute to the point where I cannot breathe, my emptiness suffocates me.

It is true to say that these feelings are less severe when I feel close to a person and feel a connection I can trust, but it pains me to admit that this is not a frequent occurrence in my life. I have recently found myself in a new group of friends and it is the happiest and relaxed I have felt for a long time, but I am still missing that one person.

I don’t trust people. I don’t talk to people. I don’t confide, or get close to or bond with people. I keep a distance, I will not show weakness or let my guard down. I know this all sounds terribly cliché but I just can’t allow myself to do it. The thought of it now makes me lose my breath and my heart pound. To show vulnerability, to share a problem and expect others to deal with it, it just isn’t something I can do. I don’t speak of personal or crude or uncomfortable topics, I just co-exist.
I really didn’t think this would be so hard to write, but I have to finish now, I have to say it all.

From the beginning  of time stories has told of great couples, romantic or otherwise Adam & Eve, Clark Kent & Louis Lane, Will & Grace. All I want is that person. I feel so alone and incomplete. I just think that if I had that one person to talk to and confide in then life would not feel this overwhelming. But then I can’t put all of that on one person. ‘Hi lets go see a movie and be best friends, after that I am going to weigh down your already stressful life with all my problems and then you have to make it all better.’ Doesn’t sound like a winning lonely-hearts ad to me.



But as much as I long for that kind of relationship I will never let myself have one. I am private and conservative and for good reason. When you allow yourself to trust you open yourself up to being hurt and let down and when it happens you will have no one to blame but yourself because human nature is to let one another down. Regardless how hard we try to fight that, life is ultimately an individualist sport.


This emptiness is consuming me. Taking over .I am neither coming nor going.

I fear if it continues I will simply cease to exist.