About me….

2014-01-04 19.54.29

I feel the need to include one of these pages, simply because it is the done thing, isn’t it?


I am 18 from London and doing A-Levels (thrilling stuff this)

I study Maths, Drama, Economics and Geography. My ambitions in life are to go to TCD and study economics. I’ll then come back to London and get a job in accountancy. I’ll work hard waiting for a guy to sweep in a look after me and ultimately want to be a housewife. My ambitions aren’t big, but I figure they are what will bring me happiness so they’ll do.

I would never say I have OCD, because I don’t. But I will be the first to admit that order and routine bring a certain degree of pleasure.

I enjoy reading and performing (although I admit both are purely self-indulgent) but also like to give back in volunteer work when I can.

I am a catholic, although I consider myself modernised. While I go to church every Sunday I accept that there are aspects of the bible than need refreshments, and do admit that a lot cannot be taken literally. I consider religion to be more of a moral guidance, as I personally find it comforting to feel a part of something bigger than myself. I have no problem with people having personal beliefs, however I raise issue when they try to enforce those beliefs on others.

I am a fairly conservative girl and consider myself to be strong-minded. I have always had trouble connecting with those my own age as in my head I am more like a 30-year-old, however this means I make great friends with the people who sit next to me on the bus, so in reality I’m winning.

I feel that is enough for now, but may come back and write more later

But for now, that is about me….

Catty x


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